The Ethiopian Syndrome: A Journey to the Cradle of Monotheism 2017

i24NEWS documentary film about Dr. Galit Ben Tovel and her ground breaking theory regarding the origins of monotheistic faiths.

i24NEWS: 2017

Research: Dr. Galit Ben Tovel
Director: Uri Shapira
Camera: Ran Shneck
Editing: Nir Waxman

Dr. Galit Dayan-Tovel, an Egyptologist and historian, is presenting her ground breaking theory regarding the evolution of the monotheistic faiths. Throughout a journey in Ethiopia we explore the connection between ancient Egypt, the ancient Ethiopian kingdom, Judaism and Christianity. We examine different myths which appear in the different faiths-such as the ark of the covenant and we take a tour on the moon cult sanctuaries in Northern Ethiopia, to see how the dots connect

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