Messiah’s Code

In her late 40s, Galit Avia Ben-Tovel has embarked on a personal and exciting journey that connects her personal experience with the Biblical Exodus in a unique and remarkable way. Through her explorative personal journey, she has finally fulfilled her childhood dream, that is, to unravel the mystery of the story of Exodus.

Galit’s personal story, which is brought to you as an authentic dialogue, is inlayed with numerous exciting and extraordinary findings that she had unveiled throughout her journey. Her personal liberation brought to light clear answers to some of the questions that were bothering her, such as “What happened to Moses?”, “Where is Mount Sinai?”, and “Where is the Arc of the Covenant?” Her training as a linguist helps her to decipher a cryptic code in the Book of Exodus, through which she sheds a new light on the Exodus and leads the reader through an exciting interpretation of the Biblical story and the identity of God.


Book Reviews

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“Galit Ben-Tovel not only enriches our understanding of the well-known Biblical story, but also turns it into a template for understanding modern reality and the forces that operates within it. "
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“Galit's discoveries highlight the powerful capacities of self-exploration and love to change reality."
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