The world is occupied searching for a logical scientific explanation for the coronavirus pandemic disease. Whilst prioritizing discovering a vaccine, the world seems to overlook what may be the repercussions of this crisis. 

My usual curious self attempted looking at this matter from a different perspective, all while digging for clues from the past. As a true historian believes, history has a way of repeating itself.. So what happened in the past and how is it relevant to what we are experiencing in the world today ?

Could it be that China awoke an ancient power which was untouched for thousands of years? 

The MOON People

Thousands of years ago before the Exodus occurred, in the middle-eastern region, there was a war between the Sun’s people and the Moon’s people. The Sun’s people resided in the district of ancient Egypt, while the Moon’s people were scattered between different tribes and their core being located in Mesopotamia. 

The first were agricultures and the last were nomads. Each one of them believed in differing values and lived their lives by those beliefs. Sun’s people worked the land, respected authority, wealth, and status. They tried their best to preserve their lifestyle as a consistent routine, as opposed to the Moon’s people; 

The nomads were easygoing and flexible with an ever-changing lifestyle. Furthermore, they adjusted their way of life to the different modes of the moon, which shifted throughout the month. Their principles included- peace, friendship, companionship, and wisdom. 

For many years, the Sun’s people lived side by side the Moon’s people in a peaceful manner. One day, following the death of Joseph, an Egyptian ruler vengefully decided to enslave the Moon’s people and force them into labor. After years of slavery in ancient Egypt, an Egyptian prince emerged and liberated the Israelites and eventually leading them to Exodus. This Egyptian prince was in fact an ancestor of the Moon’s people. To the prince’s disbelief, he discovered that not all of the Moon’s people shared the same values and beliefs. Moreover, some even had entirely conflicting beliefs and they were known as the the Darkness Moon’s people.

Lightness and Darkness

Recognizably, the moon has two surfaces – lightness and darkness. The Darkness Moon’s people practiced ritual slaughtering which included human sacrifices. They conducted experiments on humans and animals, and viewed death as a pinnacle value. This group settled in the ancient Greek region and were scattered throughout various islands, such as Santorini and Crete.

The two sections of the moon, the lightness and darkness, had utterly different rituals and passed on their traditions of ancient wisdom in altered ways. For example, both the spoken bible and the scripted bible we know today, are both linked to the moon. The moon was viewed by both groups as an upper force whom should be worshiped.

So how is this ancient story relevant when we are discussing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and how does it relate to the moon?


In the past year, there have been numerous spaceships which landed on the moon from different countries all over the world, as a certain strive to “conquer” the moon while competing with each other. 

These countries included the Israeli spaceship “Beresheet”, as well as China. While all these years these spaceships landed on the “light” part of the moon, it is believed China landed on the dark. 

Subsequently, China sent research findings from the dark side of the moon, slowly but surely these reports discontinued. Not too long after, during the Chinese Lunar New Year is when this pandemic struck.

The Ancient Power 

Could it be that China awoke an ancient power which was untouched for thousands of years? 

These ancient powers were known to those same ancient island citizens whom were demolished during the volcano eruption which occurred in Santorini and caused a domino-effect series of natural disasters. Some say they match the ten plagues which appear in the Seder. 

How mind blowing is the fact that each one of these catastrophes occurred during this time of the year – Passover. Could it be that history is in fact repeating itself?

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