MOON PEOPLE OF ANCIENT TIMES – Emily Frances & Dr. Galit Ben Tovel

Emily Frances &  Egyptologist, Dr. Galit Ben Tovel talk about the meaning of the Moon People of Ancient times, where women, high priestesses led society and perpetuated the wisdom of the cycles of the moon, in which women are naturally connected through menstruation and pregnancy. The Israelites were moon people, starting with Abraham when he journeyed out of
the city UR in Sumeria, which means “City of the Moon,”
Moon wisdom, associated with female high priestesses, revolves around water with the main Rituals of society: Bring Rain, Love, and Making Honey
Hence the word Honeymoon is still universal to this day in all languages.

i24NEWS: 21/06/2021

Holy land Uncovered | Emily Frances &  Egyptologist, Dr. Galit Ben Tovel

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