Coronavirus – an Unprecedented Time?

As citizens of Israel, we are familiar with the collective experience of unity in times of distress and hardship. However, this time is different because we are not alone – the whole world is going through the exact same difficult experience. 

Coronavirus does not discriminate between religion, race, gender, or social status. In a way, coronavirus has succeeded in uniting us like never before and has forced us to rise above the combative discourse amongst nations. We’ve gotten used to this combative discourse which has brought about war, loss of many lives, and oppression over the course of thousands of years. It’s true that now we’re paying a heavy price as well but this time is different. We have no one to blame other than ourselves. 

I can’t help but ask myself is this so? Is this really the first time? The first time that the world is experiencing unity? 

There was a time when humanity was united under one main worship – the moon

All Under the Same Moon 

Apparently, thousands of years ago long before the revelation of the Egyptian and Ashuri writings, and long before 3000 BC, there was a time when humanity was united under one main worship – the moon.
This period had no kings or queens and everyone lived as equals. Groups of people were connected to the wisdom of the moon and to the wisdom of the universe. Each piece of wisdom was documented within old artifacts and all are slowly becoming revealed in different archeological sites across the world.
I had the honor of being in one of these sites in Eastern Turkey, Göbekli Tepe.

The Historical Vacuum

Over the last couple of years during my journeys, I reached a few archeological sites in Eastern Turkey that prove that perhaps what we always assumed to be the absolute truth regarding the beginning of history isn’t actually so. Göbekli Tepe raises many questions about the beginning of humanity, seeing as the written history in Göbekli Tepe starts at 10,000 BC – 12,000 BC. During this time humanity was united under the moon and shared the same culture, language, and values. Values that represent love, mutual respect, and giving. 

So what happened to us? What happened to humanity up until 3,000 BC? How can we explain the historical vacuum in the writings? Is it possible that during this vacuum the world experienced an epidemic or some kind of disaster which forced us to start over again? 

It’s interesting to find out the secrets of this long lost culture which we seem to have forgotten…

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