An emerging paradigm for new business opportunities

This week I came across a news article discussing Medtronic – the enormous health based corporation. Medtronic decided to allow every human being or company worldwide to attempt and contribute to the ventilator production. Ventilators used to be a patent exclusively and solely owned by this company.  Fascinatingly enough, the company gave up their patent in order to save […]


The world is occupied searching for a logical scientific explanation for the coronavirus pandemic disease. Whilst prioritizing discovering a vaccine, the world seems to overlook what may be the repercussions of this crisis.  My usual curious self attempted looking at this matter from a different perspective, all while digging for clues from the past. As […]

Coronavirus – an Unprecedented Time?

As citizens of Israel, we are familiar with the collective experience of unity in times of distress and hardship. However, this time is different because we are not alone – the whole world is going through the exact same difficult experience. Coronavirus does not discriminate between religion, race, gender, or social status. In a way, […]

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