Holy Land Uncovered- 4400 year old tomb has been discovered 2018

4400 year old tomb of an ancient woman has been discovered in Egypt. Who was this woman? She was the head of the Priestesses of the ancient god Hathor .The same goddess that was represented by the Golden Calf in the Exodus story. An interview with Dr. Galit Ben Tovel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RZ12YGYE-g i24NEWS: 2018 Holy Land […]

The Ethiopian Syndrome: A Journey to the Cradle of Monotheism 2017

i24NEWS documentary film about Dr. Galit Ben Tovel and her ground breaking theory regarding the origins of monotheistic faiths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4c0WmL6LX0 i24NEWS: 2017 Research: Dr. Galit Ben Tovel Director: Uri Shapira Camera: Ran Shneck Editing: Nir Waxman Dr. Galit Dayan-Tovel, an Egyptologist and historian, is presenting her ground breaking theory regarding the evolution of the monotheistic […]

The Exodus By The Ancient Egyptians 2016

This lecture will reveal new findings from ancient Egyptian texts  that will connect the Biblical story to the Egyptian history and will prove that the Exodus was not only a major event in Judaism but that it was a major event in the history and in the theology of the ancient Egyptian themselves. This lecture […]

Messiah: Lost in translation 2016

Yet another wave of violence has reared its ugly head in Israel. I watch the news from my home in Jerusalem, horrified by pictures of a 13-year old child stabbing another child, secure in his belief that this act of violence will bring him closer to heaven. I follow never-ending debates on print and electronic […]

Digging Into The Exodus Story 2015

Galit Ben Tovel (Dayan), who teaches at IDC Herzliya in Israel, has a Ph.D. in Egyptology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a frequent writer and lecturer on anthropological proof that Israelite slaves lived and worked in ancient Egypt — a relevant topic with the approach of Passover. The Jewish Week interviewed her by email. […]

Text Like An Egyptian 2010

A new global language is being developed, inspired by “new media,” the surge in technology and the ubiquity of new symbols and images that have replaced traditional words. This language is forming as the market demands it, the consumer craves it and will inevitably affect traditional language use as we know it. It is a […]

Text like an Egyptian 2010

Every time one of my teenage daughters uses the icons and initialisms  to express her thoughts, she is reviving the ancient Egyptian language system based on icons, pictures, and sounds. The Huffington PostPublished : 2010 Contributor: Dr. Galit Ben Tovel (Dayan) Link to: HUFFPOST Last week, I received a text message from my 13-year-old daughter […]

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