An emerging paradigm for new business opportunities

This week I came across a news article discussing Medtronic – the enormous health based corporation. Medtronic decided to allow every human being or company worldwide to attempt and contribute to the ventilator production. Ventilators used to be a patent exclusively and solely owned by this company. 

Fascinatingly enough, the company gave up their patent in order to save man kind. Furthermore, Omar Ishark, the CEO of Medtronic explained his company’s decision via a twitter post. This is in fact an innovative business move we have yet unveiled. 

This perception discusses the benefits of growth and is based on the idea of loving unconditionally.

A perception which shifts a person’s mindset to be focused on oneness.

The creation of a new paradigm

So many business books and articles were written on the way we should have a business mindset.
Every person with a business bachelors degree or a person who did a business negotiation workshop, is very familiar with this business mindset – win-lose, lose-lose, and win-win. 

A true businessman never forgets that the best paradigm according to experts worldwide is a win-win strategy. But the decision made by Ishark, was astonishing to me as it did not match any business paradigm I’m familiar with. Surprisingly, it was apparent this was not even a win-win situation, rather a new business formula we have yet discovered.

Many days later, I was still contemplating Medtronics business tactic, and tried investigating this new idea with existing and known business tools, with no profound success. At first, I didn’t understand what I was missing.. and then it hit me – The company’s business tactic didn’t add up because it broke a pattern we were accustomed to. A perception which is based on the fear of survival. 

All of those business paradigms I mentioned above rely on the perception which prevents fear and says that in order to survive I need to overcome my opponent because we are both competing on the same survival resources. Additionally, the last paradigm of win-win is in fact based on that same perception. In fact, to break it down, what this perception is telling us is lets create a situation or a deal which we both win , hence win-win, but the question being asked is 

What are we trying to win? What are we truly pursuing?

The answer is simple, we are trying to overcome fear and to survive. What if there was a different perception which we could live by and manage our personal and professional lives? 

A perception which does not discuss victory, rather on the basis of not being driven by the fear of survival, but putting our focus on growth and loving in an unconditional matter. A perception which shifts a person’s mindset to be focused on oneness. 
So what happens when one crosses the boundaries of fear and survival? Growth !


We are all connected

How? You may ask yourself, well it simply starts by asking questions, researching and understanding the meaning of what we are experiencing. Living in a learning environment is where insights take place and pave the road to a world of growth. 

This “world” is driven by inspiration and doing good collectively for the world. An insight that comes from
understanding we are all one that one persons needs are actually yours too, because we are in fact one.
Can’t wrap your heads around this?

Look around, the coronavirus disease is proof to all of the doubters that we are all connected to each other while impacting each other.

For many years, researchers from the business world are calling this era the era of creativity or the era of community. But ask yourself this, how many of us truly work with and for the community? And not in a philanthropic entrepreneurial way, rather creating for mankind’s benefit together.
Moreover, the main profiter is all of us and not a small group of shareholders or corporate owners which take the large portion to themselves.

Conclusively, companies help establish the world as a better place and in that world the main advantage is to all of mankind.


The day after coronavirus

Maybe its not by chance that the Hebrew year this year is call HaTashap – in translation to Herbew it composes the word collaboration. Coincidence ? I think not. 

This year teaches us that we are all one, that we are all connected to one another. So what does it mean when it comes to our business mindset? Maybe its time to let go of greediness which ultimately led to us competing with each other, to let go of a world consisting of hierarchy, exploitation, and ego. Letting go of all of these and provide space for a new kind of world. I wonder what our new world will look like, one that is based on the consciousness of oneness and love. Think its impossible?

Ask the CEO of Midtronic, he’s already living in the new world.


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